NRA should not be gunning for dogs, Amendment 13

Published 10/11 by Martin Irby

Political behavior and outcomes have never been more unpredictable, but it was still head-snapping news to learn that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has taken a public stand against the ballot measure in Florida to phase out greyhound racing.

I used to regulate greyhound racing in Florida; end it by voting for Amendment 13

Published 9/12 by Tony Glover

I am not an animal rights activist, per se. To my daughter’s great disappointment, we do not even have a dog. I was just another Tallahassee lawyer when I accepted the job running the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, which regulates greyhound racing and gambling in Florida. Despite my lack of preconceptions on day one, it quickly became clear to me that the dog racing industry has a major problem.

Commentary: High court must keep amendment to end dog racing on November ballot

Published on 8/13/18 by Christine A. Dorchak

The inevitable end to greyhound racing took a strange detour on Aug. 1 when Second Circuit Judge Karen Gievers ruled that Floridians should not be allowed to vote on Amendment 13 this November.

Jean Gonzalez Wingo, Lisa Murano: Everyone wants to help greyhounds

Published on 8/8/18 by Jean Gonzalez Wingo and Lisa Murano

At a time when we can’t seem to agree on anything, there is still an issue that unites Democrats and Republicans: protecting dogs. We are proud to join the many community leaders across the state who support Amendment 13, a humane proposal to phase out greyhound racing.

Carla Wilson: A grassroots campaign to protect dogs

Published on 7/3/18 by Carla Wilson

I was first confronted with the grim reality of greyhound racing two decades ago, while working as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital in Altamonte Springs.

The clinic took in a pair of 3-year-old greyhounds, a brother and sister, who had been discarded by a trainer at nearby Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. I walked and fed them both, and particularly connected with the boy, a sweet 92-pound fawn dog named Allan.

M. Stephen Turner, Leonard Collins, Christine Dorchak: Let Florida voters decide fate of dog racing

This week members of the Florida Constitutional Revision (CRC) will meet to examine proposals to amend the Florida Constitution and make recommendations to voters.

The constitutional revision process is unique to Florida.

No other state has such a body, one that meets every 20 years and takes recommendations for amendments directly to the voters, without requiring approval of the governor or the Legislature, and without automatic review by the courts.

Commentary: Time for Florida greyhound racing to hit dead end

Published on 3/22/18 by George Diaz

The first thing I noticed is the barking, more like loud yelps, as I pull into the parking lot of the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club.

A handful of greyhounds are in travel trailers — the ones with the slits along the sides for circulation — parked in an adjacent lot. I don’t know if the barking is a plea to get out and go racing, or whether it is simply a plea to get out and be free.

Commentary: Greyhound racing has no home in Florida

Published on 3/20/18 by Tom Lee

One of the most frustrating aspects of politics is watching good ideas fail because special interests with deep pockets want to protect status quo.

Sonia Stratemann: Time for greyhounds to have a voice

Published on 3/19/18 by Sonia Stratemann

I adopted my first greyhound in 2003, a decision that changed my life forever. I offered to take the dog that had been waiting for a home the longest, and was introduced to a four-year-old dark brindle dog named Leroy. He had suffered a back injury and his owner, a large greyhound breeder from Colorado, had ordered that he be “euthanized.” Luckily his trainer reconsidered, and Leroy eventually found his way to me.