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The slow death of US greyhound racing

The Guardian · Nov 20, 2018

Published 11/20 by Dave Caldwell

Florida has become the latest state to pass legislation that will phase out the sport. It marks a victory for animal rights campaigners

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Organization set to transport retired greyhounds to families outside Florida

WPBF News · Nov 20, 2018

Published 9/9 by WPBF News

More than 6,000 dogs may be in need of a home after an amendment passed in Florida banning greyhound racing. But families looking to adopt outside the state now have a free ticket to get their new fur baby brought to their doorstep.

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Banning dog racing

Published 11/8 by Public Radio International

Florida has just voted to ban dog racing and animal rights activists believe it will cause a ripple effect in the six countries around the globe that still allow it. Host Marco Werman talks dogs and dog advocacy with Christine Dorchak, the president and general counsel for Grey2K USA Worldwide, the group that sponsored the Florida ban.

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A greyhound racing ban in Florida means thousands of dogs will need new homes

The Washington Post · Nov 11, 2018

Published 11/8 by Cindy Boren

Florida voters overwhelmingly came down on the side of dogs Tuesday, voting to ban greyhound racing in the state, a decision that puts in question the future of thousands of racing dogs.

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Thousands of Greyhounds May Need Homes as Florida Bans Racing

New York Times · Nov 11, 2018

Published 11/9 by Audra D.S. Burch and Christina Caron

Animal activists have been trying for years to put an end to greyhound racing in Florida, one of the country’s most popular spots to watch dogs chase mechanical rabbits round and round a track. In their view, the greyhounds were mistreated, subjected to harsh living conditions, then retired with broken bones.

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NRA should not be gunning for dogs, Amendment 13

News-Press · Oct 16, 2018

Published 10/11 by Martin Irby

Political behavior and outcomes have never been more unpredictable, but it was still head-snapping news to learn that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has taken a public stand against the ballot measure in Florida to phase out greyhound racing.

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Amendment 13 proponents cite dog injuries as reason to ban greyhound racing in Florida

WFTS Tampa Bay · Oct 16, 2018

Published 10/15 by Carson Chambers

During the November election, Floridians will be able to vote on whether to end greyhound racing in the state. Critics and proponents of Amendment 13 showed up in Tampa Monday morning, trying to sway voters.

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Campaign volunteers seeking support to phase out greyhound racing in Florida

First Coast News · Oct 10, 2018

Published 10/8 by Tony Kless

This is the first time that Amendment 13 is on the Florida election ballot. But the Committee to Support Greyhounds is hoping it's the last time.

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Naples News Daily: Our recommendations on gambling-related amendments

Naples News Daily · Oct 10, 2018

Published 10/8 by the Naples News Daily Editorial Board

"Times have changed dramatically. It’s way past time to end dog racing [...] A yes vote on Amendment 13 makes overwhelming sense."

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Sun Sentinel: Five good — seven bad — amendments for Florida’s Constitution

Sun Sentinel · Oct 10, 2018

Published 10/5 by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

[T]he potent lobby for breeders and handlers persistently blocks the Legislature from outlawing this brutal “sport,” in which dogs are often injured and die and are tightly caged when not racing. Amendment 13 deserves to be ratified.

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